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VEMAG BallControl XXL Meatball Forming machine

Product Description

VEMAG BallControl XL moulding machine / 1000mm

Used machinery. YOP: 2021
⁃ For forming meat balls and cylinders
⁃ Output up to 200 strokes per minute depending on portion size for products without filling
⁃ For connection to VEMAG master filling machine HP-E series
⁃ Flow divider
⁃ Base unit, flux distributor tubes, connection tubes in stainless steel housing,
⁃ The manifold is fixed on a movable slide for easy assembly and disassembly,
⁃ Servo drive for shut-off plates – with full control via VEMAG filling computer,
⁃ Metal safety covers,
⁃ Mobile execution,
⁃ Stainless steel frame execution,
⁃ Dosing directly onto 1 x 1 m tray, ⁃ Dosing onto 1 x 1 m tray
⁃ Belt width 1000mm,
⁃ With 1m x 1m metal tray dispenser
⁃ Trolley for disassembled parts for washing and hooks for hanging forming sets x 2pcs.

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The buyer is obliged to organise and secure transport and to pay all costs related to securing, transport, insurance, customs and duties.

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