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Multihead weighing machine CHW 220D – Duplex type

Product Description

Multihead weighing machine CHW 220D – Duplex type
⁃ Weighing range: 20-2000g (dual raw mode) / 10-1000g (single mode)
⁃ Reading accuracy at weighing: 0,5g
⁃ Guaranteed speed: 80 trays per minute (for monoproduct mode)
⁃ Two dispensing heads in parallel
⁃ Precise product tray placement system, filling two trays at a time
⁃ Drive of dispensing system: stepper motors
⁃ Volume of buckets: 2.5L
⁃ Control panel: 10.4″ touch screen IP54
⁃ Storage of at least 10 weighing programmes
⁃ Weighing combination selection method: Selection from the control panel
⁃ Control unit located on level 0 (available without platform)
⁃ Information system for missing product
⁃ Failure message system
⁃ Power supply: 230V/2000W/ 50/60Hz /16A
⁃ Total weight: 850kg
⁃ Control system coupled to infeed conveyor and packing unit
⁃ Weighing machine with 20 dosing heads and 20 weighing heads
⁃ Stainless steel fluted product contact parts
⁃ Protection class: IP65
⁃ Electric cabinet with air overflow
⁃ 1 spare set of corrugated elements in contact with the product. The set includes:
– Vibrating plate + vibrators feeding the product into the buckets.
– Set of upper buckets – 20 pcs.
– A set of bottom buckets – 20 pieces.
– Chute hoppers – complete
– Tray dispensing system
⁃ Four sets of hangers for 10 stainless steel heads on wheels for hanging up items in contact with the product
⁃ Air consumption: 10l/min
⁃ Height of balancer 3800 x 1700 x 1700 ( mm )
⁃ Supporting structure of the weighing machine adapted to the height of the conveyor of the packaging machine, made of stainless steel, bolted, protected against corrosion, feet of the structure adjustable +/- 50 mm, adapted to be placed on a slant.

“Z” type conveyors for filling, product for weighing machine
⁃ Conveyor belt of the “valance” type driven by an inverter motor,
⁃ Belt material made of food grade plastic
⁃ independent control of belt speed,
⁃ operation control integrated with the control of the weighing machine,
⁃ hopper suitable for 1×1 metre trays,
⁃ Stainless steel construction, on wheels.
⁃ Unit weight: 350 kg
⁃ Protection class: IP65, stainless steel 304
⁃ Air consumption: 10l/min.

Organisation and transport costs on the part of the buyer. All warranty excluded.
The buyer is obliged to organise and secure transport and to pay all costs related to securing, transport, insurance, customs and duties.

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Multihead weighing machine CHW 220D – Duplex type

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