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Yes, its mandatory.

As of January 1, 2022, the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) introduced two new regulations that have significant implications for those involved in exporting food products to China.

  1. Registration and Administration of Overseas Producers of Imported Food (Decree 248): Under this decree, businesses operating in the food supply chain are required to undergo a registration process for their products intended for export to China through the China Import Food Enterprises platform. Food items are categorized based on risk levels, which dictate the specific compliance measures to be taken. Once registered, it is mandatory to display the assigned registration number (CHINA REG. NO.) on both the inner and outer packaging of the products.

  2. Administrative Measures on Import and Export Food Safety (Decree 249): This comprehensive measure supersedes several previous regulations and encompasses a wide range of requirements. These include the evaluation and review of foreign food safety management systems, registration of overseas facilities, record-keeping for importers, exporters, and commercial agents, quarantine and inspection procedures, product labeling standards, and assessment of food safety risks, among other aspects.

It’s important to note that these regulations are applicable to all entities engaged in exporting food products to China, irrespective of their position in the supply chain. This encompasses food manufacturers, processors, and storage facilities.

For the GACC-I Product categories, approximately 2 months

For the GACC-II and GACC-III Product Categories, 3-6 months approximately


No, but :

Registering your brand in China before exporting your products can provide several key benefits and protections. Here are some compelling arguments for why it’s important to do so:

1. Legal Protection: China operates under a “first-to-file” trademark system, which means that the first entity to register a trademark typically has priority over its use. Registering your brand in China is the most effective way to establish your ownership and protect it from infringement.

2. Market Entry: China is a massive and potentially lucrative market. Registering your brand in China allows you to enter this market with legal certainty and safeguards against counterfeit goods or copycat brands that might erode your market share.

3. Prevention of Counterfeiting: China has been known for counterfeit products. Registering your brand can help deter counterfeiters who may think twice before attempting to copy a legally protected trademark.

4. Enforceable Rights: Registering your brand provides you with enforceable trademark rights in Chinese courts, making it easier to take legal action against infringing parties. Without registration, your ability to protect your brand is limited.

5. Consumer Trust: Chinese consumers often prefer products with registered trademarks because they are seen as more reliable and trustworthy. Registration can enhance your brand’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of Chinese consumers.

6. Distribution and Retail Opportunities: Many distributors and retailers in China may require that a brand’s trademark is registered in China before they agree to stock or sell your products. Registering your brand can open up more distribution channels for your products.

7. Investor Confidence: If you are seeking investors or partnerships for your business in China, having a registered brand can instill confidence and make your business more attractive to potential partners or investors.

8. Exporting Beyond China: Registering your brand in China can also help protect your trademark internationally. By having a registered trademark in China, you can use it as a basis to file for protection in other countries through international agreements like the Madrid Protocol.

9. Long-Term Strategy: Registering your brand in China demonstrates a commitment to the Chinese market, which can be part of a broader long-term strategy for your business’s global expansion.

In summary, registering your brand in China is a crucial step to protect your intellectual property and establish a strong presence in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. It not only safeguards your brand but also opens up opportunities for growth and expansion in China.

You can confidently begin exporting your products to China in as little as two weeks, once uFoodin has completed the brand registration process and you have obtained the registered trademark (TM). This step ensures the legal protection and authenticity of your brand, making it safe and secure to enter the Chinese market

In approximately 6 months your trademark is fully registered

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