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Nadratowski MIX-900VN vacuum mixer 

Product Description

Nadratowski MIX-900VN vacuum mixer 
Vane and vacuum mixer MIX-900VN without nitrogen cooling system

Blade and vacuum mixer MIX900VN
⁃ Total volume – 900l
⁃ Maximum input – 650l
⁃ Supply voltage – 400 V 50Hz
⁃ Installed power – 15.0 kW
⁃ Speed control – 4-36 rpm
⁃ Vacuum pump – BUSCH 40m3/h
⁃ Microprocessor control – Mitsubishi PLC – software with cooling option
⁃ Safety switch: on control panel
⁃ Limit switches in machine flaps: – not present as standard. A tool must be used to open the flaps. The main switch has the possibility of locking in a lotto system. The mechanic who services the machine should put a padlock on the main switch;
⁃ Opening of the ejection flaps and mixing bowl – pneumatically.
⁃ Discharge to – 200l stuffing trolley
⁃ Cooling system – direct injection of liquid nitrogen into mixing bowl (supplied by nitrogen supplier), equipment prepared for installation of 6 injection nozzles depending on supplier of cooling system
⁃ Preparation for the nitrogen gas extraction system (provided by the gas supplier): on our machine there is only a pipe with an elbow in the lid. The extraction system must be connected to this pipe;
⁃ Stuffing temperature measurement – PT100 – digital readout – accuracy of reading +/- 0.1˚C
⁃ Cooling system accessories – supplied by the gas supplier
⁃ Number of nozzles – 8 pcs. (4 pcs. per side)
⁃ Reinforced construction – shafts and ejection flap
⁃ Automatic water metering – water flow 100l/min.; tolerance +/-1l,
⁃ Polished bath and rollers
⁃ Openwork top cover
⁃ Weighing system – weighing accuracy +/- 1kg
⁃ Ambient temperature range from -5˚C and above
⁃ Accuracy of weighing cells +/- 0.2 kg
⁃ Minimum stuffing temperature: -5 deg C depends on the product – must be liquid consistency;
⁃ Immunity class: IP65
⁃ Operating temperature range: : 0 deg. C – 50 deg. C (shop floor temperature);
2. PW-2/250 loading feeder
⁃ Mass of trolley feeder – 330 kg
⁃ Drive power of feeder – 0.75 kW
⁃ Maximum load capacity – 380 kg
⁃ Adaptable loading of trolleys – 200L
⁃ Lifting speed: 0.1m/s
⁃ Resistance class: not classified
⁃ Operating temperature range: 0 deg C – 50 deg C (shop temperature);
⁃ Humidity range during operation: not measured, but it will probably be 90%, it is important that the unit is not switched off and the panel is on all the time.

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The buyer is obliged to organise and secure transport and to pay all costs related to securing, transport, insurance, customs and duties.

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