uFoodin is the First Social Network with an integrated B2B Marketplace Dedicated for Professionals of the Food & Beverage Industry

Our History

uFoodin was born from the field experience of two Professionals from the Food Industry who wanted to meet the needs of this Industry’s evolution and facilitate the search for new business partners. 

uFoodin is more than a BtoB social media, it is also a marketplace, a members  directory, and a sector watch tool. 

uFoodin is aimed at all Food and Beverage Industry Professionals, from Producers to Purchasers and Distributors, and covers all types of actors of this Industry.

uFoodin Founders

CEO & Co-Founder

CSO & Co-Founder

What could uFoodin bring you ?

On the Social Network

On the B2B Marketplace

uFoodin makes your Business Development easier, faster, and secure, with user-friendly features thanks to all the integrated tools of Communication, Marketing, Sales & Purchasing

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to become the central hub of the food and beverage industry thanks to a 360 platform that allows you as a professional to:

  • Create permanent and worldwide dealings in your sector with the social network
  • Develop your international business safely in 185 Countries thanks to a dedicated marketplace with a secure payment method integrated

  • Keep up to date of the market, legislation, and innovation news specific to your sector

Our Mission

World is moving and so is the food and beverage industry. By connecting all professionals of the sector, we help  them to entrench their business relationships thanks to technology.

Serve Professionals of Food & Beverage Industry

Thanks to our powerful search tool, we help professionals find and create new business opportunities.

uFoodin is dedicated to this specific sector : use it as a support for efficient work and find qualitative partners, clients, suppliers and market news.


Give the Simplicity and the Accessibility

We wanted to create a platform that could fit every need of the Food & Beverage Industry’s professionals. 

uFoodin is the central hub of this Industry and your playground to improve business. 

…And this is possible for free as uFoodin wanted to be affordable for everyone who wants to join the community. 

Support the Food & Beverage Industry's evolution

Food and Beverage Industry is one of the most powerful and extended activity’s sector in the World. Because the World is facing evolutions, this industry needs to adapt to these changes .

uFoodin want to contribute to its transformation by combining the best of new technologies to gather in a meeting spot all actors of the international Food and Beverage’s business. 

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