uFoodin Logistic & Shipping Service

For a shipping quote with a product offer on the B2B Marketplace

How to Request a Shipping Quote on a specific product offer on uFoodin B2B Marketplace ? 

If the Supplier/Seller marked the Product Offer with “uFoodin” as Shipment Organizer, you will be able, as Buyer to Request a Shipping Quotation to uFoodin. Fill the form, you will get a final quotation from us within 1-2 Business Day

If the Supplier marked the Product Offer with “Supplier” as Shipment Organizer, you can request your Shipping Quotation, directly to the Supplier by Live Chat

How to follow my Order Shipping ? 

For all your purchases on the B2B Marketplace, uFoodin automatically opens, after payment confirmation, a tracking project for the shipment of goods.

Only the seller/supplier, the buyer, and the uFoodin team have access to it. This is a space where the shipment organizer (the supplier or uFoodin) can download the export documents, where the buyer can check and validate them, and know the step-by-step progress of the process of sending the goods

For a shipping quote outside the B2B Marketplace

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