All our Sellers/Suppliers on the B2B Marketplace need to be verified by our Compliance Team. This one of our engagement we are given to all our members and buyers in term of security.

To become verified and add your products you first need to choose a Business Membership plan : here

Then you will have access to the Seller Dashboard and will be able to start to push your product offers online on the B2B Marketplace. At the same time our compliance team will verify your Company

We have listed the documents needed to send to uFoodin Compliance department : KYC/KYB

We have create a Tutorial Video library, to help you to understand all the functionalities of the Seller Dashboardn and help you to manage everything :

– B2B E-store Settings

– Add New Product Offer

– Manage existing Product Offers

– Manage Client Requests

– Manage Quotation Requests

– Manage Orders

– Manage Order Shipping

– Manage Export Documentation with the Client

– Manage Payments

– Understand your B2B E-store Analytics

Please visit our Refund Policy to see if you are eligible to a refund

To cancel your Membership Subscription, please go to your Subscription Account in your Orders Dashboard


You can customize your profile by adding :

– Profile photo

– Cover photo

– Add elements as your Specialization, your Country, City, your Job Title, your Company name, your Presentation

All of these elements can be customize : here

If you do not have a Premium or Business Membership, you need first to add the member in your Network, and then, when the member has accepted your connection request you can talk through the live chat


  1. You can create a Company Social Group Freely. Go to Company Tools Dashboard
  2. Go to Section : Company Social Group.
  3. Click on “Create your Company Social Group”
  4. Now you are in the Company Social Group Creation Form, complete
    • 1- Details : Social Groupe Name & Description
    • 2- Select your Privacy Option. Do not forget to select “Company Social Group Type” at the end of the page.
    • 3- Upload Profile Photo of your Company Social Group
    • 4- Upload Cover Photo of your Company Social Group
    • 5- And to finish invite uFoodin Members to joint your Group
  5. Your Company Social Group is now available in Social Groups Directory Page.


  1. Click Here to see All your Groups
  2. Click on your Company Social Group
  3. On the Company Social Group Menu, on the right click on “Manage”

To erase all your personal data, you need to Delete your account.

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