uFoodin and CNFIA: A Transformative Alliance to Redefine Global Food Industry Collaborations

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uFoodin and CNFIA: A Transformative Alliance to Redefine Global Food Industry Collaborations

Paris, 22th November 2023 — uFoodin, the world’s premier B2B platform dedicated to fostering connections in the International Food Industry, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA), signaling a new era of international collaboration within the food industry.

A Global Hub for Food Industry Professionals

Distinguishing itself as the sole B2B platform tailored exclusively for the International Food Industry, with uFoodin we have revolutionized the way professionals in the sector connect and collaborate. Our innovative platform seamlessly integrates a B2B Marketplace and a Social Network, providing a unique space reserved for companies and professionals in this dynamic field.

About uFoodin

uFoodin stands as the unparalleled B2B platform, serving as a central hub for international food industry professionals. The platform’s mission revolves around securing global payments without any transaction amount limits, ensuring 100% safety regardless of the transaction amount. Additionally, uFoodin takes charge of organizing shipping for both buyers (importers) and suppliers, managing logistics from pallets to containers through various freight options such as ocean, air, and rail freight. Moreover, uFoodin enhances the global visibility of suppliers by providing a digital presence and SEO optimization for their company, brand, and products. This strategic approach ensures that suppliers receive worldwide exposure, enabling them to target the right B2B buyers effectively.


At the forefront of the Chinese food industry, the China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA) is dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Covering food production, processing, sales, and related services comprehensively, CNFIA plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation, maintaining industry standards, ensuring food safety, and representing Chinese food industry interests on the global stage.

Collaboration Highlights

The strategic partnership between uFoodin and CNFIA is poised to redefine the landscape of international collaboration in the food industry. Leveraging uFoodin’s exclusive B2B platform, the collaboration aims to strengthen connections between China and the world in the realms of Food, Beverage, Commodities, and Ingredients products. This alliance will play a pivotal role in facilitating the exchange between the world and China, fostering import and export activities in the FoodIindustry. Joint initiatives will be launched to foster innovation, set industry standards, and promote sustainable practices:

Quote from Leadership

Damien Charbonnier

CEO & Co-Founder of uFoodin

Damien Charbonnier, CEO at uFoodin, expresses, “I am very proud to announce this institutional partnership with the China National Food Industry Association. We embarked on the uFoodin adventure just two years ago, and today, we proudly step onto the international stage of the B2B Food Industry. uFoodin’s unique position as the only B2B platform dedicated to the International Food Industry positions us as a global connector. This partnership with CNFIA aligns perfectly with our mission to facilitate meaningful exchanges and collaboration within the industry. It will empower companies worldwide to enter the Chinese market and establish their presence while providing Chinese manufacturers with a platform to showcase their food products to the world. This partnership signifies a new chapter for uFoodin and underlines our commitment to fostering meaningful connections in the global food industry.”

Yang Wang, COO and co-founder of uFoodin, adds, “As a specialist of the Chinese Market for uFoodin, I am honored about this prestigious partnership with one of the most important Associations of the Food Industry in China. Having assisted numerous companies in exporting their food products and successfully distributing them in China, I am confident that this collaboration will open new horizons for businesses. We will be able to develop exportation to China, build a strong export and distribution channel through uFoodin and the Chinese Market. This partnership not only signifies a new chapter for uFoodin but also presents a significant opportunity for companies to thrive in the vast Chinese market.”

Yang Wang

COO & Co-Founder of uFoodin

About the Partnership

This collaboration represents a significant stride toward fostering global partnerships within the food industry. By utilizing uFoodin’s exclusive platform, the partnership aims to provide a dedicated space for professionals to connect, collaborate, and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Looking Ahead

As uFoodin continues to lead the way as the premier B2B platform for the International Food Industry, the collaboration with CNFIA is poised to create unprecedented opportunities for innovation, growth, and sustainable practices. Suppliers partnering with uFoodin will experience enhanced visibility and market reach, particularly in China. Throughout the year, uFoodin will actively promote their products to Chinese importers specialized in the importation of foreign products and brands, providing suppliers with an ongoing and strategic avenue to expand their presence in the thriving Chinese market.

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