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Authentic Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Fillet – Grade A5

Product Description

What is Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu?

Superb Wagyu Japanese beef comes from the special technique and the attentive care given by the producers. The term “Wagyu beef cattle” refers to distinctive Japanese breeds, of which this herd are farmed in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Wagyu beef cattle are raised to be healthy animals in well-ventilated barns spread with sawdust. They are fed with a mixture of hay and highly nutritious, safe compound feeds. Farmers who breed Wagyu cattle raise them with careful attention to detail as if they were their own children, keeping a close eye on everything, including their physical condition.

A feature of wagyu beef is a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a rich, luxurious taste derived from an abundance of fat. The beautiful pattern of fat through red flesh like the chuck, rib and sirloin is termed shimofuri, or marbling. Its flavour will delight you when used in various types of cuisine. Wagyu beef is sold after inspection and grading for attributes such as meat colour, texture and marbling. The “Wagyu mark” is attached exclusively to authentic domestic Japanese beef to distinguish such wagyu beef quality. This mark acts as a guide when selecting delicious, high-quality, authentic wagyu beef.


It’s all in the marbling.

This prized breed of cattle is known for its fantastic aroma, flavour and texture. A key contributor to all this is the fine disbursement of intramuscular fat throughout the muscle tissue. The more “marbling” the meat has, the higher the grade and the price.

All genuine Japanese Wagyu are given a 10-digit traceability number. Because it is expensive, you can check the authenticity of your cuts by using the traceability link that any Certified Distributor can provide.

How to cook it?

In Japan, there are a number of popular ways to enjoy Wagyu Beef. This includes traditional dishes like Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu and Tataki. More recently more “trendy” and modern recipes include Wagyu Katsu Sando and even Wagyu Ramen.

That being said, just as with any amazing ingredient, the limits of how it can be used are only limited by the imagination of the person cooking with it. We have seen some of our customers and chefs come up with a wide range of amazing dishes in a vast variety of cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, Italian and much more.

Product Specifications:

Wagyu Fillet

Product Conditions: Chilled & Frozen Options are available.

Product Cuts: Fillet

Product Grade: A5

Product Packaging: All products are packed in 1/2 body blocks per Box. (ie: Left side carcass Fillet Blocks in 1 Box). All blocks are packed in Heat-shrink packaging.

MOQ: 1 Pallet

Please contact us to discuss any queries you may have. We are happy to discuss any of your requirements.

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Authentic Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Fillet – Grade A5

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