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ULMA TSA 875 in configuration prepared for continuous in-line operation

Product Description

Sealing machine ULMA TSA 875 S No.1 in configuration prepared for continuous in-line operation
⁃ Maximum sealing area 310 x 875 (mm)
⁃ Maximum tray height: 80 mm
⁃ Guaranteed capacity minimum 80 trays/minute
⁃ Machine made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
⁃ Adapted for use in humid environments (IP 65).
⁃ Sealed electrical cabinet containing electronic and pneumatic components and anti-condensation system.
⁃ Belt input feeder extended to a length of 7 metres. (In configuration with for continuous in-line operation).
⁃ Chain if present, dry, leaving no tray marks.
⁃ Trays are taken up by a pair of arms, profiled according to the tray shape.
⁃ The arms are driven by a servo motor. This allows speed and acceleration to be controlled. Holding the trays by pneumatically driven arms. Each format has its own pair of arms.
⁃ Servo-driven closure of the tool (sealing form).
⁃ Outfeed conveyor discharging the trays from the sealing tool.
⁃ Sealing temperature: from 80°C – 200°C.
⁃ Vacuum generation and gas application system for packaging (MAP) – oxygen residual less than 1% – ( O2˃1% ).
⁃ Outfeed conveyor 1.5 m long with possibility to turn the trays from the shorter side to the longer side, the design allows a BUSCH-type pump to be installed in it
⁃ Maximum diameter: 300 mm
⁃ Core diameter: 76 mm.
⁃ Gas buffer tank
⁃ MAP execution tool for format: 1×6, tray 210 x 130.( tray specification attached).
⁃ Internal cutting – cutting off the top film after sealing flush with the tray outline

⁃ Vacuum system equipped with BUSCH vacuum pump x1 unit, capacity 300 m3/hour.
⁃ Photocell for operation with printed film.
⁃ Shields and protections according to CE.
⁃ Driven film scrap rewinder.
⁃ Tool change cart with tool heating system x1 pc.
⁃ UPC machine controller
⁃ Degree of protection (IP67 stainless steel housing)
⁃ 10″ LED touch screen with high resolution and contrast.
⁃ Tool change from the left side (orientation from tray entry)
⁃ Tray turning conveyor on entry.

Organisation and transport costs on the part of the buyer. All warranty excluded.
The buyer is obliged to organise and secure transport and to pay all costs related to securing, transport, insurance, customs and duties.

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ULMA TSA 875 in configuration prepared for continuous in-line operation

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