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Product Description

(description applies to 1 chamber, is consistent in both units)

a) Chamber design:
⁃ Single-row chamber
⁃ Number of single-load trolleys: 5 units – trolley dimension 1000x1000x1980mm
⁃ Panelled design; no external joints.
⁃ Wall elements with 80mm thick insulation, roof with 80mm thick cfc-free pu foam insulation.
⁃ External side panels – stainless steel 1.4301 (aisi 304),brushed, with polished welded joints.
⁃ 2 x single-leaf doors in stainless steel 1.4404 (corresponds to AISI 316), with cfc-free pu insulation, 100 mm thick, with right or left opening (direction of opening to be confirmed by: 30.04.2021) and 100 mm thick door frame with electric locks to prevent both doors opening simultaneously or opening during operation
⁃ Trolley bumpers
⁃ Emergency opening system from inside the chamber
⁃ Door threshold: long access ramp (to be designed and constructed after the equipment has been positioned on site, taking into account actual floor slopes and location of drainage grates)
⁃ Stainless steel floor 1.4404 (corresponds to AISI 316)) with drain, 40mm thick including insulation
⁃ Interior of chamber made of stainless steel 1.4404 (corresponds to AISI 316))
⁃ Drainage channels in the frame

⁃ Drainage channels in the frame ⁃ Hoods: installed above the chamber exit door, activated when the door is opened, assembly and installation included in the price
⁃ Set of additional temperature probes: 5 x probe for temperature measurement inside the chamber , 4 x probe for temperature measurement in the product core, reading accuracy 0.01 degree Celsius, calibrated by an accredited body.
⁃ Door threshold: long entry ramp
⁃ Accuracy of temperature maintenance : Once the setpoint is reached, the deviation will be +/- 0.5˚C.
⁃ Resistance class of electrical equipment: IP67
⁃ Humidity range during operation (inside the chamber): 30-99 %
⁃ Temperature maintenance accuracy: Once the setpoint is reached, the deviation will be +/- 0.5 ° C
⁃ Guaranteed cooling time of less than 30 minutes (only in the case of a product with the parameters declared by the orderer, i.e. at an ambient temperature of 2 deg C, time to reach 4 deg C in the core will be 20 – 25 minutes on average
⁃ Machine weight approx: 2500 kg / chamber
⁃ Machine dimensions: 1600 W/3050 H/5748 L (details fig. 7)
⁃ Location at the Purchaser’s plant – Fig. 8.

⁃ Air cooler made of 1.4404 stainless steel tubes (corresponds to AISI 316) for glycol refrigerant, max. 30% glycol concentration.
⁃ In the ceiling and on the roof of the chamber – consists of fans 5, fresh air intake system, exhaust system, washing and hygiene system, horizontal circulation system.
⁃ With 1.4404 stainless steel fans (corresponding to ANSI 316) for each trolley
⁃ Stainless steel 1.4404 (corresponds to ANSI 316) intake channels
⁃ Electrically operated, pneumatically actuated valves and flaps
⁃ Water temperature: 10-12 °C with ¾ inch connection
⁃ Chloride content: max. 80 mg/l
⁃ Hardness: 14 °dh – 20 °dh
⁃ Metal content: < 0.3 mg/l
⁃ Salt content: < 50 S/cm
⁃ Technical data for 1 x 5 = 5 carts
⁃ Coolant: propylenglycol 30%
⁃ Compressed air: 1.25 mn³/h 6 bar
⁃ Electrical voltage: 200-575 V 50/60 Hz 3 Ph

⁃ Drain mounted directly in the door frame for water drainage.
⁃ Drainage pipe set – stainless steel 1.4301 (corresponds to AISI 304), total length 6 m per chamber
⁃ Set of additional temperature measuring probes:
– 4 x probe for temperature measurement inside the chamber,
– 4 x probe for temperature measurement in product core

⁃ Operator programmable control based on PRO FACE (HTB1C0DM9LP main module + auxiliary modules, Display PFXSP5500WAD
⁃ Allows modification and control of all chamber operating parameters:
– process time
– temperature (chamber, bar)
– humidity
– fan speed
– status of peripheral devices (e.g. intake/outlet flaps, cooling system, etc.).
⁃ Allows the following technological processes to be carried out:
– deposition
– drying
– Dry quenching
– Wet quenching
– Aeration

⁃ The control system is equipped with a recording and monitoring programme for continuous online monitoring of the smoke chamber operation. Registration includes all chamber operation parameters including control relay states and fuel consumption.
⁃ Possibility of downloading historical process parameters (USC/SD interface).
⁃ Possibility to connect controller to Ethernet network – online viewing of chamber parameters
⁃ Controller supplied with software for online viewing of data.

⁃ Cooling power: 81 kW – at -10st.C.
⁃ Medium: Ethylene glycol 30%, R 449A – 50 kg ,
⁃ Medium temp: -10/-5 deg. C
⁃ Electrical power: 3 phases x 380 V, 100 ampere protection, approx. 48 kW
⁃ Number of compressors: 2 units. – Bitzer compressor 6GE 40 Y/RHC60
⁃ Buffer tank 1000l: 2pcs

⁃ Grundfos pump module
⁃ Primary pump of genset
⁃ Secondary installation pump
⁃ Shock chamber pumps (4 pcs.)
⁃ Complete fittings as listed in the plan:
⁃ Steel piping: seamless 30m
⁃ Condenser CJR 613424
⁃ CFC/glycol shell and tube heat exchanger
⁃ Refrigerant R 449A – 50 kg ,
⁃ Fan 3 pcs. x fi 650 mm
⁃ Buffer tank – 1000 litres
⁃ Circulation pump (buffer/exchanger) – E-Bara DWO 15O
⁃ Circulation pump (buffer/chamber) – E-Bara DWC 350
⁃ Internal diameter of glycol circulating system – 2 inches
⁃ Automation and safety components:
⁃ HP/LP pressure switch – suction pressure: 2.0 bar, discharge pressure: 26 bar,hysteresis 0.7 bar.
⁃ Condenser fan pressure switch : 18 bar , hysteresis 4 bar.
⁃ Anti-freeze thermostat : -15 deg C. ( glycol temp. )
⁃ Rubber insulation AF
⁃ Resistance class: Suitable for outdoor weather conditions.
⁃ Operating temperature range: Adapted for outdoor weather conditions.
⁃ Operating humidity range: Adapted for outdoor weather conditions.
⁃ Weight of machine: Approx. 700 kg

Organisation and transport costs on the part of the buyer. All warranty excluded.
The buyer is obliged to organise and secure transport and to pay all costs related to securing, transport, insurance, customs and duties.

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